Chore or quality time. With tools.

Everyday lunch packing task can be a chore. A struggle, an obligation. Or it can be time for myself.
Good tools help me. Big and small lunch boxes. Some bright and some shiny. Colorful food picks. Nice lunch bags.

What is in my tool set?

1. Stainless steel lunchbox with plate.

This is my latest acquisition. The kids love it and ask me to serve their lunch at home using this stainless steel lunch box. It comes with internal plate and besides the handle, everything is stainless steel.

lunchboxes, lunch containers and bento accessories review.
stainless steel lunch box with plate and no plastic parts inside

2. Colorful containers of different colors and sizes. 

For foods served cold or room temperature I use lightweight  plastic containers in different sizes. Small, for packing side of vegetables and fruits as addition to warm meal in thermos and large, when packing cold meal.

container for child lunch.
large divided tupperware box

orange tupperware
small divided tupperware box with food picks

double tier lunch box with elastic band- easy to open for little hands
for ketchup, raisins or other small treat

silicon cups for better presentation

4. Thermos.

Small thermos. While I prefer no plastic to contact with warm food, this was the best thermos I could find. Good size. I pack the food hot and it remains warm till lunch time. This one I have. There is something new on the market, with metal lid.

thermos with plastic lid

5. Insulated lunch bag.

Made from the same material as diving suits. Into the bag go ice, cold container and thermos.

lunch bag by BUILT

6. Ice.

To keep it all cold. It doesn't affect food in thermos much.

blue ice

But the true is that in order to pack a good lunch, you don't have to have it all. Remind yourself why you do it, pack your child lunch with positive, kind intention and it will come out as an offering of love.